How to keep your scalp healthy

How to keep your scalp healthy

While hair itself is not living, it is the root and the follicle embedded in the scalp that is extant and alive. Hair loss causes a lot of embarrassment and is mostly a difficult situation to deal with. The health of hair and scalp is synonymous to the health of plants and its topsoil. The constitution and well-being of the topsoil determine the health and growth of plants. Similarly, the health of the scalp affects the growth of hair. A variant of the normal body skin, the scalp consists of the dermis, epidermis and a large concentration of terminal hair follicles. Medications, diet, hormones and illnesses govern the growth and cycle of the hair follicle. The health of the hair is derived out of several practices such as a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and more conclusively a healthy scalp, which results in good hair shaft thickness and growth.

A clean and healthy scalp leads to a good healthy head of hair. Many genetic and medical reasons have been cited for hair loss but there are also diet choices that help in the maintenance of a healthy body and prevent infections and diseases.

Composition of the scalp

Five layers of scalp cover the surface of the skull. A thin covering of skin contains the hair follicles.

Maintaining a healthy scalp

Here are a few tips to sustaining the health of the scalp:

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