Mademoiselle Aline Vallandri's hair care secrets

Mademoiselle Aline Vallandri's hair care secrets

If you haven’t heard of Mademoiselle Vallandri, she was well-known for her wonderful singing voice during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Besides this, she was also famous for her beautiful long hair. Around 1912, she released a book in which she emulated some of the best hair care secrets.

By herself, she would devote three-quarters of an hour each day to take care of her hair. She even had a high stool specifically made for the purpose, because her tresses were so long that she had to stand on it and have a maid brush it. She also advises the following:

Mlle. Vallandri would never reuse a brush. While that might not be possible my most of us, we could at least clean the brush regularly. She also gave a lot of importance to brushing the hair.

Conditioning your hair is important because otherwise it would look dull and it only means that a consistently dry hair is not getting enough nourishment from the oil glands. She suggests that it is best to massage a little brilliantine to your scalp (and not all over the hair).

Hair trimming is important too. The Mlle believed that the hair would be weakened due to split ends and trimming them would actually make hair strong. To prevent split ends, during her time, she would singe the ends with a lighted taper. Today, singeing ends may not be popular but hair experts do believe in trimming off the split ends.

For worrisome problems of the scalp, the Mlle immediately suggests the consultation with a doctor.

As human beings, we tend to lose about a 100 hairs a day, which is perfectly normal. When you notice hair thinning beyond a particular limit, it is best to consult an expert.

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