Measuring female pattern baldness with the Ludwig Scale

Measuring female pattern baldness with the Ludwig Scale

Hair loss can have a really negative impact on life. People experiencing hair loss, generally, lose confidence, and feel insecure. The idea of hair thinning does not go down well with either men or women. And especially with women, who usually consider their hair as one of their credence factors, find it highly enervating. According to the NIH, the National Institute of Health, more than 45% of the women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. These women also suffer from psychological stress of varied levels and impaired social functioning.

The Ludwig Classification

Female pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is measured with the Ludwig Classification that is spread across three unique stages. Referred to as the Ludwig Scale, hair loss is classified according to its severity and helps patients and health care providers to better understand some of the major contributing factors to the condition. Besides, this process also simplifies the diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

Stage 1: Present degree of hair loss

Stage 2: Potential for additional hair loss

Stage 3: Course of treatment

Ludwig Scale

Classified under three different types, the Ludwig scale includes Type I, Type II and Type III

Type I

Type II

Type III

Combat Female Pattern Baldness by scheduling an early hair loss evaluation. The best chances of restoring hair naturally, is early detection, diagnosis and treatment.

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